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Plumbing and Drainage

To ensure all drainage systems, plumbing systems and related tools are in good working condition, plumbing and drainage services include all daily routine activities like water pumps, tanks etc. Clear any blockage and leakage in water. Inspecting the system for breakages, leaks and reporting them. Ensuring flow rate from the tap. Ensuring flow to drain and report it. Rewash all the taps as required and examine them for leakage. Check all stop cocks and take the required action. Complete checking of the sink, washbasin, bathtubs, shower trays etc. for damage. Check all the chains and plugs for proper fitting and report it. Check for leakages and damages.

Drainage services in Dubai

Drainage Services Dubai: Al Aksa Your Trusted Drain Cleaning Experts Are you experiencing issues with your drainage system? Are clogged drains causing inconveniences and potential risks to your property? Look…

Al Aksa provides all fittings related to the bathroom, kitchen and repairs all kinds of fittings like faucets, jet sprays, hand jets, showerheads and also fitting like rods, hooks, toilet…

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