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A clean building isn’t just necessary for looks but also for the safety of the employees and guests that enter the facility. Whether your office building has carpet or tile, having it deep cleaned regularly is important. Carpet will prevent stains and spills from settling in and becoming permanent. However, carpet is also a magnet for dust, dirt, oils, and allergens. Regular cleanings can extend the life of your carpets and keep your office building much healthier for your employees and customers. We can all agree on how tiring and time-consuming janitorial cleaning sessions can be. It demands full attention and requires a detailed cleaning process. Now more than ever, the importance of janitorial cleaning has been increased. Our very qualified and skilled team of specialists can do it without any trouble following the sanitary guidelines of Covid declared by the Government. The detailed cleaning procedure includes the deep cleaning of every room, stairs cases, wash rooms, kitchen and common spaces. We understand how janitorial cleaning can be necessary to maintain a hygienic office environment. Therefore, we have trained our team to ensure complete perfection. Our janitorial services can be hired at any time of the year for any period of time. You can hire our team of janitors on weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly, annually or even just for a day. We understand your requirements and provide you the best services without drawing any restrictions. The best part of our team is that they provide flexible services and are multitasking.

Service Details

  • Inspection of the site
  • Gather the requirement like the type height and width.
  • Submit evaluation & estimate.
  • Perform service as agreed.

Price Details

  • Price based on inspection.
  • Payment Method cash/online.
  • Arrangements should be available before to Cleaner arrived, like water and electricity
  • The customer can cancel the booking before 2hrs.

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