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Electrical Power Tripping Services Dubai

MCBs or Miniature Circuit Breakers are protective electromagnetic devices that act as a switch in a circuit. They automatically open the circuit whenever they sense the current passing over the circuit has crossed a certain limit or value. The device can also be used as a normal on and off switch manually. MCBs are also known as time delay tripping devices which trip and shut down the system whenever there is an overcurrent flowing for a longer period of time and there is a danger to the entire circuit. However, in the case of short-circuits, these devices can trip and stop the power supply within 2.5 milliseconds. If the MCBs are not checked and installed properly the overflowing current can cause unfortunate accidents, To prevent any damage like an electrical fire, overheating, socking etc., this service is mostly needed when the circuit breaker trips. This service keeps you and your family safe whenever there is an issue that may damage your appliances, home and family. Thus, this service gives you and your family protection. You can just call our service engineer and he will install and repair the MCB at your home or office. Contact us now for booking an appointment.

Service Details

  • Inspection of the site.
  • Submit evaluation & estimate.
  • Perform service as agreed.

Price Details

  • Price based on inspection.
  • Payment Method cash/online.
  • The customer can cancel the booking before 2hrs.

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