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Generally, people avoid taking post construction cleaning service to save the cost, by doing so they underestimate many possible risks that result in unwanted injuries. Our team understand the hazards that come with cleaning after construction is completed. From stray nails and glass shards that have been overlooked, to the amount of dust that accumulates and can cause breathing difficulties, we know what to look for, and what safety gears to wear to avoid injury. Our team also know the places that usually left unchecked, meaning after a professional clean you won’t be surprised to find a drawer full of dust, or overlooked spackle and paint splatters. We ensure cleaning in every corner and hidden spots. Another reason to hire our services is that we have best in class cleaning equipment, and the team know which are the right tools to bring with them, that deliver faster and more effective results We also offer our customers post-construction cleaning. Maintaining a newly built place and cleaning and getting it ready to use can be quite a hectic task. But we have our team who can do all the post construction cleaning to make the place ready to use. It includes clearing walls, ceilings and removing chipped paint. It also includes the process of buffing and waxing the floors. The team has all the necessary equipment for power washing of doors and windows.

Service Details

  • Inspection of the site.
  • Gather the requirement like the type height and width.
  • Submit evaluation & estimate.
  • Perform service as agreed.

Price Details

  • Price based on inspection.
  • Payment Method cash/online.
  • Arrangements should be available before to Cleaner arrived, like water and electricity.
  • The customer can cancel the booking before 2hrs.

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