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Everyone wants to have that perfect shiny floor that will awe their house guests. But, it can be really hard to maintain the precious marble and the other natural stone that can be damaged easily. If proper care is not taken, the natural stone can become damaged, and will ultimately lose its shine. So, the best thing that you can do in such a situation is to hire a professional marble and stone restoration company to do periodic maintenance and servicing of the stones in your house. This way the marbles will not only be shiny and beautiful but will also last longer. We provide a marble floor polishing service that can add new life to your dull floor. Your house will get a rich look after polishing. We are best at marble floor polishing. So marble floor polishing can bring freshness to the house. Polished finished marble results in an ultra-glossy, almost mirror like surface that shows off the marbles color and design to its full potential. Polishing results in the least porous surface thus giving the marble stone a shiny outlook. It is a great choice for interior use. For more queries, contact us now or you can write us an email. We will revert you as soon as possible.

Service Details

  • Inspection of the site.
  • Gather the requirement like the type height and width.
  • Submit evaluation & estimate.
  • Perform service as agreed.

Price Details

  • Price based on inspection.
  • Payment Method cash/online.
  • Arrangements should be available before to Cleaner arrived, like water and electricity
  • The customer can cancel the booking before 2hrs.

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