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Best AC Repairing Services and Maintenance Company in Dubai,UAE

AC Maintenance Services

Fully checking of an AC system including Evaporator Fan Motor, functioning of Condenser Fan Motors, Compressor and Blowers etc. Fully checking of Ac Condition systems including the functioning of Condenser Fan Motors, Compressors and Blowers, Evaporator Fan Motors etc. Cleaning of Condenser with High-Pressure Water Pump and Evaporator Coil. Inspecting belts for adjustment and wear of tension. Washing and cleaning the Air Filters. Tightening external and internal parts of Ac. Lubricating all Moving Parts. Changing of cooling to heating and heating to cooling as per requirements. Repairing the Ac units. Inspecting air flaws as per requirements. Inspecting AHU. Repairing outdoor and indoor units' connection.

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